Associaition of Housing Warranty Insurance

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The Act for Secure Execution of Defect Warranty Liability

Procedure of insurance application (for building suppliers)

An insured of the housing insurance is a housing supplier such as a house builder and a realtor.
A housing supplier must explain to his/her client that the defect warranty liability is backed up by the insurance.

For detached house (custom home)

The following explains the basic procedure to apply for the housing insurance for new houses.
For further details of the procedure and other type of houses, please contact a respective housing insurance company.

Before starting the construction work Site survey
Design Design must comply with “Design and Construction Standards”
established by each housing insurance company.
Conclusion of the contract

Upon signing a contract agreement

When signing a contract agreement, defect warranty liability that corresponds to contents of the insurance offered by the insurance company must be defined, in accordance with the Construction Contractors Law.

Building confirm  
Successful result  
Application for the insurance Application of the insurance must be submitted to the housing insurance company.
Please note that each housing insurance company has different forms of documents to be prepared.
Start of the construction work Construction work must comply with “Design and Construction Standards”
established by each insurance company.
Site inspection(s) Site inspection(s) will be carried out in accordance with the rules set by the insurance company.
(e.g.) Number of floors is 3 or less
1st inspection : Upon completion of foundation structure work
2nd inspection : Between the period of completion of the roof work and start of the interior work
Application for issuance of the insurance policy When the date of handover is decided, issuance of the insurance policy will be applied to the housing insurance company.
The ”Insurance Policy”, “Policy Conditions” and others are necessary when making an insurance claim and should be appropriately managed.
Handover ”Certificate of Insurance Coverage” and other necessary documents
will be handed over to the client.


Under the Act for Secure Execution of Housing Defect Warranty Liability, housing suppliers are now required to secure the reserve by either “taking out insurance” or “deposit” in order to bear 10-year defect warranty liability stipulated under Housing Quality Assurance Act.
In addition to this financial requirement, housing suppliers are requested to report their method of securing the reserve to the administrative agency twice a year within three weeks after each of the record date (31st of March and 30th of September).
For more details, please visit MLIT website (

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