Associaition of Housing Warranty Insurance

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AHWI of Review Board

Review Board

The Review Board of housing defect warranty liability insurance has been set up within AHWI that examines the case where an insured and a housing insurance company cannot reach an agreement on the insurance payment of housing defect warranty liability insurance (including voluntary insurance*) for a certain period of time. The Board consists of professionals of the related fields such as lawyers.

How the Review Board works

Mechanizm of the Review Board

※The Review Board takes up the case only when an insured and an insurer cannot reach an agreement on the insurance payment.
A purchaser or orderer may request a review only the case of voluntary insurance.
Please contact the housing insurance company that issued an insurance policy or certificate of insurance coverage
whether the case can be reviewed over the Review Board or not.

Conditions to call the Review Board

There are three conditions to be satisfied:
  • Two months, in principle, should have elapsed since the date of a notice of an insured event to the insurance company;

  • The application fee for the review is ¥52,500 (tax inclusive);
    *In case of an application by a purchaser or orderer covered by a voluntary insurance, the fee is ¥10,500 (tax inclusive).

  • The parties are requested to agree that the Review Board may ask the insurance company and others for the information including personal information when necessary to speed up the review process.

For inquiries concerning the Review Board

Please contact AHWI for further details.

TEL:813-3580-0338 Mon-Fri. 09:00〜17:30

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